Glimmer of grace

She sits there in my lap. Eyes peering the landscape before her. No worries or to-do lists roaming in her mind. Just love and satisfaction is what I want to believe. 

She is my glimmer of grace. A wavering light. Every unstable movement, wobble, tremble, and fall. Remind me of grace. Her very life is dependent on us loving her and providing for her. No communication except her cries, noises, and signs.  And yet. God rich in mercy and abounding in grace provides for our every need when all I can do at times is just cry out to him. He is never shaken. Wavered by nothing. Just as our little glimmer of grace is dependent on us to meet her needs, she never seems to doubt. Oh how much I have to learn from her. She makes me question my trust in the Lord for that I am grateful. 

Growing up, grace was a concept I struggled to grasp. I couldn't freely accept something I knew I didn't deserve. Yet grace, God's grace is receiving what I don't deserve. An unconditional love based on Christ righteousness, not of my own doing. I look at her every day and see light and hope. I see life happening before my eyes. And I am blessed to watch her grow and develop. 

Ephesians 1:3-14